Legacy Grease Gun and Grease Cartridge Warming Bag MTL2900


When working in the cold, this portable heating pack keeps grease inside your grease gun at operating temperatures. The grease heater can hold a grease gun and a spare 14 oz. grease cartridge, keeping both warm and ready to use. Heats grease gun and spare tube of grease to operating temperature in approximately 15 minutes.

Adjustable strap and strap connector.
Bag is lined with heating elements. A thermostat prevents overheating to ensure safety.
Grease cartridge compartment – Ideal for auxiliary 14 oz. cartridges (grease cartridge not included).
Grease gun compartment (grease gun not included).
Accessory pouches – Ideal for storing extra couplers or other grease accessories (accessories not included).
Grease whip holster.
Power cord & plug – Connect to 12 volt DC outlets. Plug has 10 amp fuse.
Portable – Adjustable shoulder strap included.

Weight 5 lbs


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