Thermal Arc Dragster 85 AC Tig and Arc Kit THM10-3077A-3


TIG welding, also called Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) may be used for all positions and virtually all materials including plain and alloyed carbon steels, tool steels, aluminum, titanium and other exotic light weight alloys found in aerospace, automotive and nuclear applications. GTAW welding is most commonly used where finished appearance, precision and high weld quality standards are specified.
Single Amperage Range allows the operator to accurately set the welding amperage. Thermal Overload Protection! Alerts the operator if duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked.

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  • Cable & Plug Fitted Supplied with 115VAC primary 10’ cable and plug for connection to any 20 amp duplex receptacle.
  • Weld material up to 3/16” on any standard 115VAC circuit using 1/16”-3/32” 6013 or stainless steel electrodes.
  • Includes: Dragster 85 power source, Power cord and plug, 125 amp 12.5ft air cooled TIG torch with accessory kit, Work clamp with 9’ cable, Stick electrode holder with 9ft cable, Argon regulator, Carry case, Carry strap and Operating manual
  • Weight 36 lbs


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