Tiger Tool Pitman Arm Service Kit 20387


The Tiger Tool 20387 is the perfect kit when working with pitman arms. This kit included the 10385 HD Pitman Arm Puller and the 10386 HD Pitman Arm Spreader. The Tiger 10385 Pitman Arm Puller is designed to remove pitman arms on virtually all heavy-duty trucks. May be used with up to a 3/4 inch impact wrench. Made of high strength cast steel for high capacity pull. Simple to slip on for instant results. Simply slip it on for instant results.

The Tiger 10386 Pitman Arm Spreader provides for the quick and safe removal of Pitman Arms on 2 ton and larger trucks. Tiger’s high strength adjustable pulling arms fit various widths of pitman arms for easy installation and removal of the tool.  Made of 4140 heat-treated steel, the Pitman Arm Spreader can be used with up to a ½” impact wrench.

Weight 12 lbs


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